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Hi, I called myself deafpilotboy because I am one of few youngest deaf boy who got pilot license! My hobby is to do stop motion with LEGO. Sure LEGO can be great hobby for Adult too! Here my Blog about my experience on doing stop motion and my point of view of LEGO. Enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2014

LEGO are great Food for kid's Brain!

Trying feeding your kid with lot of omega-3 (brain food) from fish might seem lot of work to get them smarter. More easier and effect will be simple have them play with LEGO to boost up their creative idea where they can build and test it and them take them apart and do over and over and over until they success. And give them something to be proud of themselves.  And I learn something new from the Lego Kids Fest few day ago. There is program called "Play Well". These programs are not authorized, sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO Group. Interesting LEGO's history about those 2 word Play Well come from Danish phrase word "leg godt" mean Play Well! That how the LEGO got the name form the first 2 letter of each those Danish phrase. Play Well program provide the hand-on class active with LEGO to help  grow the young engineers's mind to their unlimited idea. I am consider of take my son to those program for fun by time he reach to right age. Check it out!
Logo are from the www.play-well.org

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