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Hi, I called myself deafpilotboy because I am one of few youngest deaf boy who got pilot license! My hobby is to do stop motion with LEGO. Sure LEGO can be great hobby for Adult too! Here my Blog about my experience on doing stop motion and my point of view of LEGO. Enjoy!

Friday, February 28, 2014

How to get Save $ Money $ on the Lego Piece?

I get a lot of question like this "Where do you get extra money for LEGO?" my answer is very simple "No need to have an extra money to get them....." Here video of my Behind the Scenes on solution for financial challenge.  Feel Free to comment other question to give me other idea to make other Behind the Scenes Video. Enjoy it!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

#6 Monthly Mini Build LEGO: 40070 Witch

October 4, 2013  #6 Monthly Mini Build LEGO: 40070 Witch from the Local Lego store for Free, Check with your Local Lego Store for next date of Month Mini building event. I used Free Software  Called MorphX to transforming the mini build Witch to the mini-figure Witch at end of video.

More information about Norrkross MorphX can be found here link address. http://www.norrkross.com/software/morphx/morphx.php

#5 LEGO 9461 The Swamp Creature

August 31, 2013  LEGO 9461 The Swamp Creature from the Monster Fighter. took me 2 day to work on it, about 3 hour of capture the shooting for a min of video. Fiture out a way to made the swamp Creature look like jump from the tree to ground by taped it on pencil to hold it up in air and capture the frame. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Here list of my Lego set at Brickset!

I am Member of Brickset as well, you can view my set list. feel free to comment the suggest of next model or any cool story idea to share with me on the set for me to filming more to post them up, :-)

#4 LEGO 60011 Surfer Rescue

August 19, 2013   #4 DeafpilotboyTV: LEGO City 60011 Surfer Rescue Whew! With backward stop motion animation tech allow me to speed up more workflow which lead me to do more of shooting on stop motion scene. And end up the wave of beach part take lot of time to take them off from the plate based to move every frame!

#3 Monthly Build LEGO: Crab Mini Model Build!

August 11, 2013  #3 Video Review on the Monthly Build LEGO: Crab Mini Model Build! I Find the solution to speed up the workflow time of stop motion video. Filming the set in backward help me lot to get the mini figure walk into the right place. Place them where you want them to be at first then made them walk backward to their last position in the setting. Pretty cool to think thing in backward, :-)

Build LEGO train X-cross track

I had fun to do experiment on the building the Lego Train Cross (X-Cross Track) Because the old train lego cross track that was made for 9V power train with metal foil on track is now too high to buy it from amazon. So I do this cool building to save the money. Here video and instruction below. 

Lego 9V Train Rail Crossing 4519



Click any image to enlarge.

Part List (Note Color dose not matter, you pick the your own color. I set them different color to make it easier for you see the different. You can pick your own prefer color for your own LEGO train rail crossing

Start with any color of 16 x 16 base plate

Reason for use the 16 x 16 base plate size is because it fit exactly one train track. So it will be in right order when setup the train.

I use LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) software to build a 3D image of LEGO Train Rail Crossing.
I recommend you try out this cool software! Compatible with Window and Mac.

Thank to my Bricklink.com buddy name A Merry Venture for sell me awesome piece to build this setting. I recommend to try his store anytime you place order LEGO part. Here his logo banner from his store site look like this. 

#2 Monthly Build LEGO: BBQ Grill Mini Build

August 6, 2013, My second video on lego Review is Monthly Build LEGO: BBQ Grill Mini Build. Took me about Total 6 hour to work on it. At this point I ask myself, how am i going speed up my workflow time.

#1 Welcome with First Video Post!

Welcome to DeafpilotboyTV's Blogger. Post of my hobby animation / stop motion / flim on LEGO Review Video! More information can be found here www.deafpilotboy.com.

Here my first Stop Motion Lego Review Video from August 4, 2013. I was beginner to do the lego video review on Monthly Build LEGO: Superman Mini Model.  Every time i do more video it keep getting better. Took me 3 hour to do this one. Enjoy it!