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Hi, I called myself deafpilotboy because I am one of few youngest deaf boy who got pilot license! My hobby is to do stop motion with LEGO. Sure LEGO can be great hobby for Adult too! Here my Blog about my experience on doing stop motion and my point of view of LEGO. Enjoy!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Build LEGO train X-cross track

I had fun to do experiment on the building the Lego Train Cross (X-Cross Track) Because the old train lego cross track that was made for 9V power train with metal foil on track is now too high to buy it from amazon. So I do this cool building to save the money. Here video and instruction below. 

Lego 9V Train Rail Crossing 4519



Click any image to enlarge.

Part List (Note Color dose not matter, you pick the your own color. I set them different color to make it easier for you see the different. You can pick your own prefer color for your own LEGO train rail crossing

Start with any color of 16 x 16 base plate

Reason for use the 16 x 16 base plate size is because it fit exactly one train track. So it will be in right order when setup the train.

I use LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) software to build a 3D image of LEGO Train Rail Crossing.
I recommend you try out this cool software! Compatible with Window and Mac.

Thank to my Bricklink.com buddy name A Merry Venture for sell me awesome piece to build this setting. I recommend to try his store anytime you place order LEGO part. Here his logo banner from his store site look like this. 

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  1. ok DPB you rock! Great work on the crossing track and packing Lego cups, I always wondered about doing that. Does the X track work with RC trains like set 60051-1 - High-Speed Passenger Train?
    Thanks, jcfoss@sbcglobal.net
    Oconomowoc, WI