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Hi, I called myself deafpilotboy because I am one of few youngest deaf boy who got pilot license! My hobby is to do stop motion with LEGO. Sure LEGO can be great hobby for Adult too! Here my Blog about my experience on doing stop motion and my point of view of LEGO. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

#10 LEGO Monthly Mini 40071 Lawn Mower (Red)

#10 LEGO Monthly Mini 40071 Lawn Mower. This one is lot of fun to doing the shop motion! The largest set I ever shoot with 3 LEGO modeler build attach together as you can see photo of behind the scene below! 

The longest part is for me to add the audio part, this one is 3 time more work on audio for me since lot of thing going on in the scene. I might not be the best sound editor but better than hear nothing! Enjoy the Video!

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