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Hi, I called myself deafpilotboy because I am one of few youngest deaf boy who got pilot license! My hobby is to do stop motion with LEGO. Sure LEGO can be great hobby for Adult too! Here my Blog about my experience on doing stop motion and my point of view of LEGO. Enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Humor Motivational Poster

Here old paradox joke I once created when I was boy.

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For international language here manuscript: 

Blue: You never cry since you were born! Why are you crying?

Red: I am upset that I cannot cry!

Paradox Joke. 
If red is upset that he cannot cry then he should be happy when he finally crying. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Which do you prefer type of battery for power function LEGO train?

For Power Function Train, which do you prefer type of battery power function?
Both have it own pro and con....

Not know the different in both battery? Here the Detail. If you already know the different then skip to vote box on the bottom of blog. 

Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878
It rechaged by plug into the wall input. very convince way to recharge it up. But the question is how long dose the battery cycle life span last in long term? If it ran out of cycle charging out, you have to buy the new one for retail value USD $49.99. Very easy to leave the battery in the lego train and just put wire in the train while charge without need take them part to replace it.
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Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000
The most cheaper battery pack retail value USD $12.99 that require you to put in 6 AAA battery, value of it may be reasonable if you use rechargeable AAA battery instead of disposable battery. For long term, you can have that one pack for life time and easy replace the old aaa battery for cheaper. But depend on the train lego, some will require you more time to take lego apart to pull out the battery AAA battery, recharge it, put back in LEGO train to play with it.
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Which do you prefer type of battery for power function LEGO train?
Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878
Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000
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I used to have dream to build the scaled model train set as hobby as kid, one thing i don't like the idea of not be able to play with cool detail scaled train and being nagging to not touch it and only watch it. Until I see LEGO as great toy that allow me and my children build as train set and be able play on it without worry too much or overprotection it. And I found RailBricks, the Brick Railroader Resource online with all cool idea. They even have free online magazine, instructions, gallery, blog, forum and more! Check it out! railbricks.com